About "Monraid's Mucking Around" Streaming channel.

Welcome to the about page. I will go in as much detail as I remember about all this as I did create everything on a whim for the most part. It will be mostly a Q/A style about page so.. yea.. enjoy.

Note for visitors: This page is still being worked on so more and more stuff will show up over time. Thanks!

How did the channel come about?

The channel came bout when I decided to start streaming. I had the twitch account and all I used it for was just to be the "veiwer" on a few streams. I tried a few streams on my PC some years ago but I didn't have any idea what I was up to then. It wasn't till after I got my PS4 when I started streaming more often and they were short (1 hour-ish) streams. After awhile I tried a few longer ones when I had time and it kicked it off for me to keep going.

When did the channel start?

That is the big questions... I don't even know when exsactly myself. All I know is that it was around Aug of 2016(sih).