angry Channel Update (Overdue.. I know) and General Stuff
Just a few things to let everyone in on.. I was going to tweet about it but its too much so i posted it here. It's long so bare with me.

Channel Updates

Well on Saturday (9/21/19) marked the 1 year anniversary of the channel getting affiliate status on Twitch. Streamed for almost 8hrs that day and I played a bit of "No Mans Sky" on the PS4 then followed up with a Lego build. I also played some Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles on the GameCube all thanks to the Elgato HD capture card I bought awhile back!

I streamed that day after a few IRL events i was awaiting a response on failed i went ahead with the original idea for that day. I needed to get out of a bummed state I was in and after the stream only 1 person (thanks PrinceGinger.. it ment alot) showed up in the chat. The majority of the stream i had no viewers (or at-least what twitch identified as) watching what I was streaming. I know I have a erratic streaming schedule but after that it really made me second guess myself on continuing the streaming.

I still intend on streaming but the enthusiasm is starting to lessen.

General Updates

I have alot on my plate starting in October and its not all good. All my yearly renewals happen to be starting next month and at the time they were setup I was able to pay for them w/o issues. The problem is now that I lost half my hours after being forced to part-time (im not even calling it a choice anymore) at my current job last month I've been scraping by paying myown bills ontop of the house bills im partially responsible for.

Ive put in about 30 different applications since i was forced to part-time and have only 4 respond. Those that responded contacted me via email or a phone call and of the 4 Ive only been on 1 interview and the other 3 didn't get get as far. The other 3 were either filled with someone else or didn't bother to continue contact after the initial contact. I did leave multiple messages and voicemails on the 3 missed ones but they are now considered "lost causes" and I refuse to contact them ever again even. I hate job hunting (like most do) when you try and get rejected. It seems im doomed to retail for the rest of my life even though I know so much.

Its kinda sad that companies have to put in the requirements any degree just to make photocopies or basic skills to hire people. Im sorry but if you need a AA/BA to file paperwork or a degree just to move a box from one end of the place to another its just to weed out the idiots that cant do BASIC functions. I've had to pass on jobs with those requirements even if i knew without a shadow of doubt i met all their criteria. I passed on them because they would hire the person w/ one of those over me regardless if i meet or exceed their expectations and that person doesn't.

I have been limiting my job hunting on anything that isnt the following:
  • Sales (includes retail locations)
  • Call-Center (or anything that has me on the phone all day)
  • Standing long hours
  • Outdoors (I overheat naturally... then living in AZ just compounds that during the summer)
  • Reliable Transportation (I have a vehicle but I don't trust it to be 100% and even though they say they do the bus/taxi services are not considered reliable)
  • Uses only Apple products (yes they exist and should be destroyed)
  • Food services (due to overheating.. i drip alot)

It looks like im being picky but over the years working in retail and at schools i learned what i can put myself though before i get "irritable". It gets worse when i overheat.

Ok i think thats enough for right now. If you reply to the tweet this is linked to please done say "things will get better" or "thats just how it is". That kind of crap just makes it worse and pisses me off. Kinda hard to live the so called "American Dream" and have high hopes when every time (without fail) you finally have something good happen just to put you back in that hole 100 times deeper than you were before.

I'm done.... curling up in a corner would be easy, ending it would be easier but it will just make it worse for someone else. That got dark... then again... dark is comforting. *turns off the light*

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Posted on: September 23, 2019, 05:10:20 AM | By: Moonraid


smiley Channel Update Time
Hello everyone... It's been awhile since I posted here but work and IRL stuff hass kept me busy and exsausted. I've done a few streams since the last update using my computer to stream it and its been nice to finaly get it to work out. Still can't stream games from the PC yet but atleast I can use my Elgato.

I've had some recent news from work were I'm going from being a full-time employee to part-time. This wasn't a choice I made personally and if I could do something about it w/o leaving I would. The change won't happen till the 1st of next month but I can't afford to lose any hours. I'm now currently looking for another job that pays more than min wage ($11/hr in AZ) so I can pay my bills.

So I will try and plan more streams next month inbetween my work days and searchin for more work. I would like to get this streaming thing more off the ground but till then I'm trying to make it by. I still plan on streaming tonight so please make sure you watch my twitter on when that happens.

Thanks all!

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Posted on: June 16, 2019, 12:56:27 PM | By: Moonraid


smiley Offline update #3. Good News!
Its update time! *YAY*

This time I have good news and a bit of bad news.

The good news is that my net is back in my room and my PC is set back up. I also have my consoles all hooked back up and ready to play again (cept for one part and thats in the bad news) and also stream from again. Since I have that back up I will be more active on the chats and visiitng streams again! Might even do some co-op streams (not streaming on my end sadlly). Mebey some Borderlands (1/2/pre?) with some peeps.

The bad news is I cant find my HHD for my PS4 so cant play 98% of my games as i used it as my primary application drive. I can at-least play some Warframe so I may stream some of that.

Other that that I will be more active on the Discord server and Twitter feeds aswell. Might stream some Warframe since thats all I have installed on the system HDD (nvr moved it luckaly to the external) eaither Sunday or Tuesday next week so keep an eye out.

Thanks for all the support from everyone who msged me on twitter.

Catch ya all next time!

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Posted on: April 19, 2019, 08:59:45 PM | By: Moonraid


thumbup Update to the offline post.
Ok... Its been 2 weeks since I posted anything so here is a little update of whats going on. I know I said that I would keep everyone updated on twitter and discord about stuff but w/ work (bad stuff I wont go into here) and stuff at home I decided to stay away. The time "offline" has been nice but at the same time its keeping me from doing what I would like todo.

Sofar the current situation is thus far:

1) I'm about 30% done with all the stuff going on.
2) No internet in the room as of right now. Re-wiring the room to make sense.
3) Computer isn't set back up yet. Waiting on re-wire.
4) Consoles are setup (still need to find a ext HDD for PS4) but no net. Obvious reasons.

So thats just a tiny list but its close to whats going on.

I had a conversation w/ a co-worker the other day and he mentioned that I like to talk to people, help them in a way. It caught me off guard as most see it as a hinderence to their jobs for whatever reason. It's probably one of the reasons I stared streaming.

Ok enough of that... back to getting stuff done. Hope to be back soon!

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Posted on: April 08, 2019, 08:06:51 PM | By: Moonraid


sad offline and disappearing for a few weeks
Hello everybody posting this to let everybody know that I'm going to be MIA from the net doing anything really for the next probably few weeks. I'm unsure how long this is going to take this is stuff that's going on in my personal life that I need to take care of drastically. I'm going to be limited to just my cell phone so no streams no computer or anyting or whatever cuz I have to unplug and take those out of my room along with a bunch of other things so no networks for that stuff.

I hope to get this all rectified quickly I want to get back to streaming I want to get back just to doing anything normally but until then I have to postpone a lot of things so I will keep in touch with you guys on Twitter I mean I could still access Discord so you can still go there I'll do what I can with just my phone.

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Posted on: March 25, 2019, 10:21:03 AM | By: Moonraid


sad MIA the last few weeks with streams.
Ok... how to put this as its been complicated for me the last few weeks. I've been eaither busy, sick (alergies) or dealing with alot of stress. There is a small few that know of what kind of stress Im fealing with but I'll try and explain it.

The stress I'm under is the same as most everyone.. money or the lack there of. This is going to get personal for me so Im laying out there. I live at home with my Mom to help with bills and help her out with what I can. We both work (I work w/ min wage 40hr job and her 3 part-time jobs) and we bairly scrape by. When summer hits it hits hard. My mom (and I delt with it as i did the same job) loses one jobs worth of paychecks for about 3 months because she works at a public school in the library program. She also works the public library and a cleaning job that I help with.

I'm also looking for a new job as I can bairly pay myown bills w/ a job that dosen't pay enough for the work rendered. There is no were for growth and raises are laughed at. I'm in debt w/ a credit card that im only able to pay the minimums on and having to use whats made advalibe just to put gas in my car. Im also paying for part of the house payment, internet, and I had to use the CC when I had money on it to pay for what was lost with the lack of a paycheck.

I started streaming mainly to just have the social interaction. When I was getting all those followers and got affiliated w/ twitch I was happy. It ment I could get some side income to help with those bills.. sofar that hasnt become a reality since I don't have a regular streaming scheduale. Getting another job isnt a option as my current work scheduale dosnt alow me to get something as im on call with the lack of staff in the department I'm in.

Ok im going to stop there but thats whats going on with me atm. I still will stream and I hope to on Monday. Thanks for reading and I will see ya next stream.

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Posted on: March 16, 2019, 08:25:42 AM | By: Moonraid


wink Updates, updates, updates!
Hey all. Just dropping a few updates your way. First of all I hope everyone is enjoying the site sofar. Yea im still working on stuff in the background and the newest feature will be access to the boards so you can join the discussions here. As for my next stream I plan on streaming tomarrow around 10AM MST over on twitch. maybe some Fallout 4? I have been doing some site mission stuff outside the story just to be geared up for the story missions.

Ok till then.. Catch ya next time!

PS: remember to follow everywere and sub on twitch to support the stream!

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Posted on: January 14, 2019, 05:55:43 PM | By: Moonraid


wink Happy New Year!
It's a new year so its new fun and new goals. The first goal for me was to build this hub. Its still a work in progress but its still usable! I do plan on streaming later today but first I have some family stuff so keep an eye out on twitter. Again thanks for dropping by and lets have a great 2019!

PS: I'm also looking for mods for my streams and for the forums.... Please msg me on Discord about becoming one.

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Posted on: January 01, 2019, 05:09:39 AM | By: Moonraid


thumbup Welcome to the Offical Hub for "Moonraids Mucking Around" Channel
Hello everyone! Welcome to the new hub for the streams! I'm still currently working on the site itself and trying to get it all operational so everyone can fully enjoy it. I do hope you will explore and see whats here. Currently some pages have info while others are still being made. I wanted to get this out for everyone to get used to so as i open access to places then it will be easy to navigate. I will be posting all news here that is greater than what twitter will allow along with videos and hopefully make all this easier on me.

There is a forum (as noted above if reading this off the main page) but currently registration is disabled till i finish setting up areas as sections. So any links (excluding exteral ones) will not be viewable  till that part is done. Till then make use of the discord channel for any discussions.

Thanks for dropping by and I will see ya next stream!

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Posted on: December 29, 2018, 02:04:08 AM | By: Moonraid